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Our Approach

Audit & Research:

We’re about to become really close, like sharing every intimate detail, close. Well, maybe not that close, but we’re not going to leave any rock unturned when it comes to your digital marketing.

We start by auditing your existing digital marketing strategies. During our initial audit we’re going to let you know where you’re excelling, where there are missed opportunities, and where there is low hanging fruit.

We take a look at the following:

  • Website Design

  • Website Conversion Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Instagram Advertising

  • Google Ads

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Strategy

Think of your website as the destination for all of your marketing efforts. Our goal is to make sure that once a visitor arrives it’s easy as possible to convert them into a customer or to get them into your ecosystem.

With our audit in hand, we then compare your digital marketing efforts against your competition and start to work on your digital marketing strategy.

Strategy & Roadmap:

Depending on which part of your digital marketing needs the most love, we put together a strategy that we believe will yield the best results. We also believe in full transparency, which is why we use that strategy to craft a marketing roadmap unique to your business.

This roadmap is a step by step guide detailing exactly what we’re going to be doing over the duration of the campaign. At the end of every week (or month) we take you through exactly what work was done, the results, and what we’re working on next.

Now that we’re aligned on strategy, and we have your roadmap, we start delivering on our promises.

Delivery & Implementation

This is the part of the process where we get our hands in the dough and make you something tasty!

Whether your roadmap includes content creation, email marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, or a website redesign, we get started on creating these deliverables.

Once we get the green light from you, we bring your roadmap to life by starting your ads, posting your content, sending a newsletter, launching your new website, or optimizing your website.

Analyse & Iterate

We provide each of our clients with analytic reports showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly. We don’t leave out any data. Without this information, we won’t know what’s working and which parts of the digital marketing strategy needs some TLC.

We’re constantly analyzing the results of our efforts, and looking for opportunities to help us reach the goal more effectively (and quickly!)

At the end of the day, the route we take to get to our goal may deviate, but the goal stays the same.

Measure everything. Optimize often.

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